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Ciprés lambertiano

Cupressus lambertiana

This large quick growth cypress, from some small zones of the maritime cliffs next to Monterrey, California, has been planted in several countries as an ornamental tree, windbreak or hedge. However, it is exposed to damage in harsh winters and spring frosts and does not survive if it is planted far from the sea. In 40 years it reaches a height of 30m, but sometimes over 37m. In the coasts shaken by the winds it turns lanky and disarranged, but in places with protection it forms a cone quite broad or a quite narrow column that with the years it flattens at the top as the cedar of Lebanon. The short scale-shaped leaves, dark green and with a lemon smell when being squeezed, are closed together to the stalks forming four rows. The almost spherical cones are 2,5-4cm long and are formed by big scales that in the center they have a curve protuberance. In the surface of the seeds there are small warts.

The trunk is large and is often in two from half height; the bark is brown-grayish, slightly fissured and forms and irregular net of layers. Due to its lack of resistance cannot be object to mass forestry exploitation, although the brown-yellow and flagrant wood may be very useful and, in adequate locations, it yields big volumes.

Encyclopedia BLUME, Trees, wood and forests of the world, H. Edlin/M.Nimmo, page 90.

Tree of North American origin.

Cypress of very quick growth, it reaches a great development.

Foliage color: dark green.

Good quality of wood.

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